For over 21 years in the fashion industry, BUM Equipment Inc. has tapped several store giants such as SM, Robinsons, Landmark, Isetann, Gaisano Metro, Dynasty and Capitol Groups and other leading department stores in the Northern and Southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao areas today. We are housed in more than 219 outlets nationwide and 29 stand alone specialty boutiques. Through our consistency in executing designs and competency in the local brand industry, we performed to be in the roster of top ten brands garnering taget sales in most outlets.


Our products are based on international fashion forecast modified and redesigned to fit the Philippine teens’ market. With a cohesive collection in kick ass and cool unifying concept and patterns via the global seasonal fashion forecast, including visual merchandising, product presentation and packaging that seize to entice the market for impulsive purchase without overlooking BUM’s competitive price points addressing the purchasing power of the teen’s segment.